Create a Resources Folder
6th January 2017

When learning design, creating these 10 folders should be your first step

Creating a design resources folder is a good first step – it’s easy; all you do is create some folders, and you benefit from doing it earlier on. Start in your My Documents folder, where everything you store on your computer should be unless it has to be elsewhere. In your My Documents folder create a new folder called ”Design Resources“. Then in the design resources folder create these 9 more folders: Backgrounds, Brushes, Example Designs, Fonts, Good Pictures, Grid Patterns, Icons, Patterns, and Textures. Throughout your career as a website/graphic designer you’ll collect these items and use and peruse them many times over when looking for resources for your designs. A full library of all of these things is necessary for any good designer so it’s best to start collecting early. It is completely unnecessary for you to spend any money on most of these items. You might later, but not right now and not for a while. For right now you’ll get what you need for free. Paying for design resources is wasting money while you’re still learning design because for now only you will see your work. For practice, free images can be found and manipulated, watermarks can be removed and copyrights can be ignored because your designs aren’t for commercial use yet.

Start collecting

Each designer will gravitate towards different styles of different types of resources. Start filling your design resources folder right now by collecting some icons. Start with a social icons package, which will include a variety of the different social applications icons. Many backgrounds can be downloaded for free, so collect some of those too. To find these things start by just Googling them. Google ”Free background“ and ”Free Icons“ and download some of the items that pop up into your design resources folder.

While you’re looking at images and icons, notice which items can be purchased and which can come free. Many resources you’ll need as a designer can be obtained for free with just a little bit of searching Google. However some things you’ll need to purchase, such as when you see exactly the perfect background image or stock image.

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